Court Forms and Proceedings

Attorneys are legal professionals licensed to practice law. Attorneys and judges must work within the guidelines that govern the legal system. Attorneys file the necessary documents within specific timelines, present evidence on your behalf, or help you negotiate a settlement. You are responsible for gathering accurate information and documentation so your attorney can represent you efficiently.

The judge (often referred to as the Court) oversees the court proceedings, hears arguments and motions that your attorney presents on your behalf, and rules if the parties do not settle.

If you are representing yourself, you must respond to requests made by the court. For example, if you receive a Summons to Appear in court, you must attend. If you receive any court document that you don’t understand, most attorneys are gracious enough to respond to a phone call and answer your questions without cost. Write your questions beforehand and take notes to avoid repeated phone calls to respect the attorney’s time.

Stipulated Agreements

If your case is proceedings through the courts, your attorney might ask you to complete documents required by the Court so your case can proceed. If your case settles, the attorneys will draft the Stipulated Agreement and the parties will sign it to end their court case.

A “stipulated agreement” is drafted by an attorney when parents reach an agreement. This document ends their court case. This is a legally binding document, so take your time reading it and be sure that you understand its effect on you or your children.

This agreement is tough to modify once signed by the Court, so it is understandable if you hesitate before signing it. If you feel that the agreement is reasonable and fair, sign it and move forward. Once signed, it ends the legal proceedings end and parents can move forward.

Online Forms for Custody, Parenting Time, and Divorce.

Many parents cannot afford the assistance of attorneys and use the Minnesota online court forms for custody, parenting time, or divorce. These links might be helpful.
To petition the Court for custody or parenting time, use this link:
To establish their agreement on custody and parenting time with the Court, use this link:
To file for divorce with children use this link:
To use the Minnesota Child Support Calculator, use this link:
To establish Parenting Time Percentages, use this link:
To apply for a reduced fee waiver (informa pauperis), use this link:

These links might vary depending on your circumstances, but they will steer you in the right direction. Carefully read the instructions and gather the necessary information before starting the forms. While the forms look voluminous, many of the forms are one page.

  • Parents should complete the Impact Parent Education Program before filing court documents because the Certificate of Completion must be attached to court documents.
  • The Impact Parent Education Program has a fee reduction for low-income parents. The course is $60 and the fee waiver reduction is 50%. To receive the reduced fee, a copy of an Informa Pauperis Order signed by the Court is required.

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