Completing Your Own Divorce Documents

If you are in agreement and do not want to hire an attorney to complete your divorce documents, you can download the Dissolution of Marriage packet online at the Minnesota Judicial website. You can use these forms to finalize your divorce. Be sure that you read and understand the instructions.
There might be legal assistant services available in your area to complete these forms for you. Legal assistance is not a substitute for legal advice, and you are proceeding through your divorce without legal representation.
The “Stipulated Agreement” is the most important document, because it contains a signature line for the judge to sign if your divorce is approved and all documentation is completed according to the rules.. Do not sign a stipulated agreement if you do not understand it or agree with it. It is a mistake to sign any legal document just to get a divorce done. Once the Stipulated Agreement is signed by the judge, it becomes legally binding on both parties. It is very difficult to change once it is signed and filed by the Court.