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For Divorce and Separating Parents

Our programs offer expert guidance and a supportive community to help you co-parent effectively and prioritize your children’s well-being. Join us to build a brighter future for your family.

Tailored Support

Personalized guidance addressing your unique needs sets us apart, ensuring effective co-parenting strategies for your situation.

Positive Impact on Children

High-quality programs at accessible prices prioritize your financial well-being, making essential co-parenting support available to all.

Comprehensive Approach

Our efficient processes save time and hassle, providing swift solutions without compromising quality.

Impact Parent Education is a reasonably priced and stress-free online parent education program for parents engaged in litigation involving children. It is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, with practical, parent-friendly, and child-focused materials.

Minnesota Supreme Court Approved Parent Education

Impact Parent Education meets all requirements for Minnesota Parent Education orders under Minnesota Statute 518.157 for parents in litigation involving a divorce with children, custody, parenting time, or right to parentage.

Registration Instructions:

Please use a valid email address and write down your password to access the program on demand. Please register using your name as reflected on the Parent Education Order. This ensures that your Certificate of Completion filed with the Court is consistent with your court order.

“Impact Parent Education – Easy, Fast & Affordable”

Our comprehensive programs are designed to provide you with practical tools and expert guidance, ensuring a smooth transition through divorce and separation while minimizing stress and financial burden. Join us today and discover how simple, efficient, and accessible co-parenting education can truly be.

Successful Co-Parenting Strategies

To find out more about Impact Parent Education (IPE) please visit our ‘About‘ page. To learn more about the course and see answers to FAQs visit the ‘Parent Education‘ page.
Court-Approved Parent Education

Impact Parent Education is a resource for parents. Online learning is private and convenient and it can also be easy and pleasant. This course uses audio, visual, and also printable materials to provide you with personable, practical, and easy online learning.

Gain a better understanding of how the court system works. Learn to work more efficiently with your attorney to save time and consequently litigation expense. Discover successful co-parenting strategies.

Alternative dispute resolution processes, such as mediation or Early Neutral Evaluation, can bring faster results at less cost. This therefore lessens stress on parents.

Parents know best what their children need, and when parents find peaceful solutions children are happier and healthier.

Impact Parent Education are dedicated to sharing all the knowledge and experience that we have gained over many years.

Divorce & Parenting Time Mediation
Resources and Articles

This is where you will find helpful articles on parenting time, divorce, and co-parenting and also learn how you can lessen the effects of parental conflict on children!

The better you understand the bigger picture the more you will gain from our Minnesota parenting classes.

We will add more articles in the future to build a useful library of practical information to help everyone going through this difficult adjustment

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Court-approved Parent Education

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