Is Mediation Right for You?

Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process that is confidential and effective.  Parties to a conflict agree to hire a trained third-party neutral to assist them in finding solutions that are agreeable to both parties.  Mediation is especially effective in family conflicts involving divorce, parenting time, custody and post-decree co-parenting problems.

The Civil Divorce

Many spouses successfully divorce without attorneys. Spouses should consult with an attorney if there are legal questions. You have three choices.
If you decide to see a mediator to help you, choose a mediator that has experience in divorce mediation. The mediator will help you make decisions regarding your debts, assets, real estate, child support, spousal support and children. Once an agreement is reached through mediation, you must decide how you want to finalize your agreement through the court system. You have three choices.

Resolving Parenting Time Conflicts

The most frequent conflicts between parents involves parenting time.  Most custody disagreements can be resolved by adjusting parenting time.  Custody litigation is costly not only in terms of money.  It destroys trust between parents that will require years to rebuild.  It increases defenses between parents.

It is important to seek help from an experienced mediator before conflict increases. Mediation is an effective way to resolve custody and parenting time conflicts. Custody litigation can be avoided when parents reach agreement with the help of a mediator.

Parents have reported more satisfaction with mediated parenting time compared to litigation resulting in a legally binding court order. Mediation helps parents stay in the decision-making role, which is where it should be.   Litigation is a stressful, expensive and adversarial process that increases the defenses between parents. Mediation helps parents find the right solutions according to the specific needs of mom, dad, and most importantly, their children.

Court-approved Parent Education

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